Lendsimpli Broker Program

Earn more for you

and your clients

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3 Steps to Get Started


Schedule an Introductory Call

We'll use this brief call as a way to get to know each other and answer any questions.

Receive Your Onboarding Materials

We'll provide you with marketing materials and the tools you need to quote your clients.

Access Your Portal

When you are ready with an active deal, we will provide you with a portal to upload documents.
Quality AND Quantity

LendSimpli makes brokering loans easier than ever before.

Competitive pricing

Our pricing is designed to meet your borrowers’ needs. Rates start at 6.50% for our 30 year, cash-out Rental Loan and our Fix and Flip Loans typically range from 10% to 12%.

Price a loan in minutes

Get pre-qualification and pricing for your clients in just a few minutes. No need to wait around, you’ll know right away whether or not we can do the deal.

National coverage

We currently offer bridge loans in 32 states across the country—and rising. If you are taking advantage of new areas where deals are emerging, partnering with LendSimpli makes it easy.

Broker terms

Low LendSimpli upfront origination enables you as a broker to make the most with us. Our low prices in the market give you room to make more and get paid at closing.

Close quickly

We understand what speed means to both you and your customers. With Fix and Flip deals closing in 10-15 days and Rental Loans within 15-20 days, we mean business.

Portal Access

Take advantage of LendSimpli's client portal. An easy, streamlined portal for borrowers to upload required documentation. Chat within the portal with LendSimpli's client success and underwriting team. With us, it's easy.