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Rental Loan Criteria

If you own or are interested in purchasing a rental property, we want to help you get the best financing available.
We can tailor a loan to fit your rental portfolio. Our team is here for you.

Property Types
Single Family 1-4 Units; 5-10 Multifamily
Property Type
Investment, Non Owner Occupied
Loan Amount
$75k - $2.0M
30 Years
Fixed and Adjustable Rate
From 7.00%
80% of "As-is" Value
Minimum Credit
Loan Strategy
Short Term Rental or Long Term Rental
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What is a rental loan?

Rental loans are used to purchase turnkey rental properties or to refinance those you currently own. You can perform a rate and term or cashout refinance. There are several different loan structures such as a 30 year fixed rate, 5, 7 or 10 year adjustable rate.

Typically, private lenders can provide flexible terms based on FICO and property cashflow. These are low-document loans with no personal income verification required.

What is a rental portfolio loan?

A rental portfolio loan allows real estate investors to refinance multiple properties into one loan. There are benefits to this approach – you pay one monthly payment to one lender, instead of multiple loans to multiple lenders, you can save on loan level processing costs and you can utilize one properties cashflow for another that may not be as strong to maximize loan terms.

Can I use the equity in my rental property?

By performing a cashout refinance you can pull out cash and equity from your property to reinvest. Typically private lenders take first lien and do not offer HELOCs or other similar structures.

How does a rental loan differ from a conventional mortgage?

There are a couple of main differentiators – conventional mortgages won’t tend to lend to LLCs, they report loans to the credit bureaus and they don’t allow more than several mortgages reporting on your credit report.

Private lenders are the vehicle to help you grow your portfolio. Rental loans typically close within 30 days, they only accept entities, and you can refinance multiple properties at once.

How to get a loan for a rental property?

Step 1: Apply for a Rental or Rental Portfolio Loan

We make it easy to apply. After you have accessed your secure borrower portal, just fill out our application and include a few required documents. Then we get to work.

Step 2: We Review Your Materials

We take a thorough look at your investment property and application. Our analysts look at the big picture and use a rental property loan calculator to determine what is the lowest rate we can provide.

Step 3: Get Approved

Our approval process is fast and painless. You can get started on your loan within a few hours. Our flexible business model gives you a competitive edge when placing offers on the best real estate opportunities.

Refinance Your Rental Property

Do you want to pull cash out of your rental property to reinvest? Check out your rate. Close within 30 days.

Purchase a Rental Property

Do you want to add to your rental portfolio and found the perfect property with a tenant? Learn more about our long-term rental purchase loans.

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We built our secure borrower portal for ease of use. Our underwriting team communicates directly with you to provide feedback and updates throughout the process. You choose how you’d like to work via web, mobile or through email.

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Our Team is Here For You

At LendSimpli, our team takes pride in providing financing resources to our borrowers to allow them to continue to grow their real estate portfolios. Schedule a call and take 5 minutes to see how we can assist you in achieving your investing goals.

We make it easy for you to get the financing you need fast, with minimal documentation. You never need to provide personal income verification. We usually only require seven financial documents to consider your rental loan, and we may be able to close in as little as ten days after appraisal, giving you the competitive edge.

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Why Choose a Private Lender

for Your Investment Property?

Grow Your Rental Portfolio

Rental income is a great way to build long-term wealth. Financial institutions might be hesitant to provide loans for rental properties, especially if you don’t have substantial assets or excellent credit history. Lenders at traditional financial institutions are required to follow strict guidelines. Private lenders have more freedom to approve different lending options on rental properties quickly. Our underwriting team works with you directly to provide the fastest service possible.

At LendSimpli, we are committed to helping you every step of the way. Our rates start from 7.00%, and we can consolidate debt on multiple properties into one rental portfolio loan. When you refinance with one of our rental portfolio loans, you may even be able to pull cash out of your current investment properties to purchase another income property. See your rate today to find out if we can help you get the rental loan you need.